Since 1989, Only Classic has been the sole producer of all veneered items for Triumph, Mini, and Jaguar Dashboards and Accessories. We take great pride in being a recognized brand with years of leadership in the industry and a commitment to delivering superior quality.

At Only Classic, we only use the finest components and original samples to provide you with top-quality products. Our mission is to satisfy you with our quality and meet your needs.

Our modern facility spans over 1500 square meters, encompassing our offices and workshops. Within this ample space, our experienced professionals carry out the production process. We deeply value craftsmanship and the art itself. Each product we offer is meticulously handmade, resulting in a unique piece.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us at Only Classic. We are passionately driven to deliver high-quality products and exceed customer expectations. Our aim is to enhance your living spaces by directly delivering top-quality products from our workshops to your home.

Quality is our foremost value. Therefore, we adhere to rigorous standards at every stage of production. Our expert team members, equipped with years of experience and craftsmanship skills, ensure that each product meets the highest standards of quality.

At Only Classic, we continuously focus on innovation and development to maintain our position as an industry leader. We keep up with technology and refine our production processes to offer our customers the best products.

We take great pride in working to provide you, our valued customers, with the highest quality handmade products. At Only Classic, we merge our love for art and craftsmanship to bring elegance to your homes.

We thank you for your trust. As the Only Classic family, we will continue to deliver excellence in quality and service.





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